Who we are


Environment and Recycling, an NGO, also known as “MAR,” which is short for Medio Ambiente y Reciclado, the original name in Spanish, is a Non Governmental Organization that is non-profit. It was formally constituted the 24th of July, 2007. “MAR” has carried out several programs in the areas of reforestation, teaching workshops, separation of solid waste, beach clean ups and environmental education, thusly creating strategic alliances with diverse private and government organizations.

Mission Statement

To protect and conserve the environment, fragile ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources through programs of conservation and social participation.


To achieve tangible results within the context of conservation and balance in the man – nature relationship, supporting conducts, concepts and values that are compatible with a healthy environment.


We love and respect nature; we act with passion, conviction and congruence that arises from an integral vision of a profound social and environmental commitment.